Friday, 8 October 2010

Its been a while so here’s a wee update of the Wyld Stallyons Summer…

See No Evil: 1st June, 2010.

We were invited by our good friends Tiago Maia and James Wignall to share a piece of the the Wyld Stallyons pie to an audience at See No Evil - a bi-monthly event held at Bar Kick.

Chris Sayer and Jason Arber adorned with Mexican wrestling masks fronted the talk about our recent projects and revealing the processes and stories behind the jobs along with showcasing previously unseen work that we did for Ministry of Sound.

Glug: D&AD Student Awards After Party: 20th June, 2010.

You may have also seen us at Glug - we were asked to host a 'Meet and Greet' in order for graduates to come and have a chat about life in the in the industry and for us to give them some invaluable insights into the scary transition from working within a professional environment. Natalie, Jason, Chris and myself , Janey, all enjoyed the enjoyed barbecue and beers whilst chatting to students about the next stages for their budding careers. As ever the event had a huge turnout and was a great opportunity to meet some fresh giftedpeople.

If you managed to come and speak to us then drop us an email to let us know what you are up to - or if you didn't manage to come along then get in touch with your showreels as we are always on the look out for talented individuals.

Jason Arber with a fellow graduate student at the D&AD awards.

Chris Sayer...deep in conversation.

Jason and Janey

Computer Arts - Jason Arber - 23rd September, 2010.

Our very own Jason Arber was asked to contribute to Computer Arts' Graduate Showcase Event at Cafe 1001 in September; an annual compilation of the best final-year student design work from around the world. He joined John McFaul, Richard Tilley, Matt Booth and Dan Moore to provide inspiration and insight to career hungry graduates. Jason spoke about the benefits of adopting a unique approach to work and also presented previously unseen content, which should be appearing on our site very soon. Additionally, Jason spoke about the work we did on the movie Kick Ass and also revealed a sneak preview into a brand new project we have been working on behind closed doors.

Sneaky peak into our upcoming short film:

That's right Wyld Stallyons has been working on a new short film, which will be appearing in the viral world at the beginning of 2011. Jason Arber finally lives a director's dream by screenwriting and directing the exciting high octane action short that is Magnesium with Chris Sayer managing the highly intricate VFX side. This really has something for everyone; featuring CGI robots, kick ass female Biodroids, guns, explosions and lots of bloody fights! After 4 weekends of hardcore shooting with excellent cast and crew, we are finally getting close to wrap. We will be shooting the pick-up shots next month then will begin the hefty edit and visual effects nestled in-between our day jobs. Trust me it will be worth the wait!

Cast and Crew in filming location: Jaguar Shoes, East London.

Sarah our DOP takes a closer look to check lighting in the warehouse.

Chris Sayer with our lead Biodroid, played by Selina Lo.

Producer and cameo dead person, Janey Robinson and Jason Arber.

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