Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Hello iPhone users!

If you own an iPhone, an iPod touch or similar mobile web surfing device, you'll be pleased to know that we've created an iPhone specific version of our website just for you. Flash isn't supported by Apple's mobile webkit so if you've been checking us out on the move before today, you would have seen a big black page... but no more! Now you can see our showreel in glorious Quicktime, find out all about us, where we are, and call us simply by clicking a link! Just go to and you'll get redirected to our iPhone site automatically.

Technology. Isn't it marvelous!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Happy New Year!

As you can see, our all-new Flash site is up and running; designed by us and built by Rich Salter.

What are we up to? We've just finished up our Panic Room title sequence inspired bumpers for Bacardi B-LIVE. Mark is currently directing a new promo for Danish rockers Lily Electric, with post production starting in a week or so. A collaboration with illustrator Bob Staake is potentially heading in a very exciting direction... and we're also in the early phases of a new short called Black Sun which will be like Black Hawk Down with robots and filmed and produced in true DV Rebel fashion.

A note about the new site: Although Quicktime is our platform of choice, not all PC users want to download the plug-in (or are even able to if working in an office with strict IT department restrictions). If you require a Quicktime version of any of our movies, email us and we'll get one over to you straight away. Coming soon is an iPhone version of our site; Stallyons to go!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Back in Black

We've been a bit a bit slack with our news postings, but that's because we've been busy! We collaborated once again with Mark Walker producing a music video for The Raveonettes’ latest single Dead Sound. There are some unofficial versions floating around YouTube, but expect to see the official upload shortly!

We also packed our mittens and warm hats for a trip to Moscow to film Groove Armada for Bacardi. We've previously been to New York and Ibiza to film Mark Ronson and Talib Kweli amongst others.

We’re working on a new showreel to show off our shiny new videos, and keep an eye on our website... it might be changing soon...