Thursday, 17 January 2008

Happy New Year!

As you can see, our all-new Flash site is up and running; designed by us and built by Rich Salter.

What are we up to? We've just finished up our Panic Room title sequence inspired bumpers for Bacardi B-LIVE. Mark is currently directing a new promo for Danish rockers Lily Electric, with post production starting in a week or so. A collaboration with illustrator Bob Staake is potentially heading in a very exciting direction... and we're also in the early phases of a new short called Black Sun which will be like Black Hawk Down with robots and filmed and produced in true DV Rebel fashion.

A note about the new site: Although Quicktime is our platform of choice, not all PC users want to download the plug-in (or are even able to if working in an office with strict IT department restrictions). If you require a Quicktime version of any of our movies, email us and we'll get one over to you straight away. Coming soon is an iPhone version of our site; Stallyons to go!

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