Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wyld Stallyons News

Greetings from Stallyons HQ. Sorry for the lack of blog!

It's been busy busy here but we thought we'd drop you a line and let you know what 's been keeping us out of trouble for the last few weeks.

The Insiders Promo
Turner Broadcasting asked Wyld Stallyons to create a dynamic, exciting ride through a vortex, where we meet the characters of a new show on the Cartoon Network channel Boomerang called The Insiders - a story of three kids who use their amazing gizmo to get inside all kinds of crazy places.

Combining a live action shoot at Pinewood and state of the art 3D techniques, we created a 20 second visual effects sequence to be inserted into a promo that will be featured on TV screens and cinemas around the country. Check out our website very soon for details.

UK Jewish Film Festival Trailer

We were approached to create a trailer for this year's UK Jewish Film Festival, taking place from 8th to 20th November at a cinema near you. The UK JFF is a celebration of Jewish culture in film and is a platform for many acclaimed and up and coming Jewish directors. Wyld Stallyons created the concept, directed and animated the festival trailer which sees our character, Aaron, encountering a seemingly relentless stream of famed Jewish perils on his way to the festival.

The trailer is currently running at the Odeon Belsize Park and other cinemas across London. See for full details.

Megadrop Madness - Bid TV Commercial
Agency Rees Bradley Hepburn ask Wyld Stallyons to bring their ad concept for Bid TV to life, in the form of pseudo-stop-frame animation for their Megadrop Madness season in September 2008.

Using a combination of stop-frame and 3D, plus the voice talent of Gavin & Stacey's Joanna Page, we created the £1 coin character who is frantically pursued by various household items, determined to hunt him down. This 30 sec spot featured on cable and satellite channels throughout September. You can see it at

MTV 'What Happens in Vegas' Promo
Once again, Wyld Stallyons joined forces with MTV to create a 1 minute promo celebrating the release of 'What happens in Vegas' on DVD.
The spot features a combination of movie footage alongside our own sleazy neon Vegas, offering viewers a chance to win the ultimate trip to sin city

Soon to come...

We are in the throes of putting together our brand spanking new showreel for Autumn/Winter 08. We've got more great new projects coming up which will be making an appearance too, so keep an eye out for the official launch.

Love from all the team.
See you soon.



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